Posted by: Michelle | February 22, 2010

The Beginning of the Journey!

Welcome to “To the Journey,” a blog devoted to life’s journeys, particularly those to fun and exotic places! I caught the travel bug a few years ago, and I have since been to Italy, Israel, Australia, Fiji and Thailand. Sadly though, I need to work (and not travel) for awhile after I graduate from college in a few months. So instead of globetrotting now, I will use this blog to plan my future globetrotting. Each post will describe a place I plan to travel to someday.

One of my biggest fears in starting my career is that I’ll get caught up in the work cycle and never travel again. I hope that this blog keeps me motivated and inspired to explore the world, and I hope it inspires others (maybe you!) to travel as well. If you’ve been to any of the places I write about, or if you have suggestions for must-see destinations, I would love to hear your thoughts!

In my next entry I’ll write about my first location. I’m choosing between two very different places in two different continents, so we’ll see which one makes the cut!


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