Posted by: Michelle | March 1, 2010

All of Iceland

I recently heard about someone vacationing in Iceland, a country that I had not considered much in the past. A few Google Image searches later, I was sold. All of Iceland looked so beautiful and unique that I couldn’t even choose just one city or landmark to highlight. Iceland’s distinctiveness comes from its plethora of volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, sulfur pits and mud pots, a result of its location on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

At first glance, the activities that Iceland’s tourism website recommends all sound pretty regular, like hiking and horseback riding, but “regular” couldn’t be further from the truth. With more than half of Iceland over 1,300 feet above sea level and much of the island covered in lava, glaciers, lakes and sand, this is no average hike in the woods. Now imagine taking in all this scenery on a galloping horse. And not just any horse, but the same pure breed the Vikings imported over 10 centuries ago!

It seems as if around every corner is another natural spectacle. Iceland’s jagged terrain gives way to many cascading waterfalls, flowing through radiant green landscapes. On the left is Skógafoss, and above on the right is Gullfoss (meaning Golden Falls). These two waterfalls are apparently rivals for Iceland’s most famous. Which one is better? I’ll let you know when I see them for myself!



  1. Hi Michelle, we have a nephew who got married in Iceland this past fall. We heard (and saw from their pictures) that it is beautiful there. HAve fun. Cousin Ellen

  2. […] today (see The New York Times article here), just over a month after I wrote about Iceland’s precarious position on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, I paid more attention to the story than I usually […]

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