Posted by: Michelle | March 3, 2010

Great Wall of China

I would love to explore all of China at some point, especially after hearing some amazing stories from my roommate who studied abroad there last year, but the Great Wall of China seems like a good starting point. Even though I just found out it can’t actually be seen from space as I always heard (it blends in with its surroundings too much), I still think it is more than worth visiting. The wall stretches about 5,500 feet roughly along the border of inner Mongolia, and the beginning of construction dates all the way back to 476 BC!

The Jinshanling section of the wall sounds particularly interesting because it is very well-preserved and still has a lot of the original features. The Wangjinglou Tower (pictured below) is built on one of the highest points of the Jinshanling section, and of the whole Great Wall. Legend has it that the stones used to build the tower were carried up the mountain by the nephew of the Jade Emperor. Read about other Great Wall legends here!


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