Posted by: Michelle | March 30, 2010

To the Safari!

I know there is much more to Africa than wilderness and wildlife, and I want to see all of it someday, but I’m starting with the stereotypical African adventure – the safari. I discovered that “safari” means “journey” in Kiswahili, so I absolutely had to write a post about it. There are many popular safari destinations throughout Africa, but I decided on Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park because of its diverse offerings.

The park includes a whopping 5,700 square miles of grassland plains, savannah, riverine forest and woodlands. What I’m really excited about though is the animals! Seeing wild animals in a zoo is not the same as seeing them out in the wild. Serengeti is famous for the Great Migration, when over 2 million animals (1.5 million wildebeests and a few hundred thousand zebras and gazelles) trek across the entire Serengeti twice a year. To be honest, I’m not even positive what a wildebeest is, but I think it would be pretty cool seeing over a million of them on this incredible journey!


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