Posted by: Michelle | April 17, 2010

Great Blue Hole of Belize

I just discovered this great list of mystifying or unique places called “Ten Strange Places.” I’m surprised I haven’t heard of many of them, consider some of their incredible characteristics. The Great Blue Hole of Belize is an underwater sinkhole near the center of Lighthouse Reef off the coast of Belize. Originally a limestone cave system during the last glacial period, the cave roofs have since collapsed, leaving behind a 480-foot deep, dark blue circle full of unique stalactites and limestone formations. Divers are drawn to the Great Blue Hole to explore the vast undersea structure. I’ve only snorkeled before, but I think diving would be a must in the Great Blue Hole to get the full experience. A journey throughout the Great Blue Hole includes sights of not only the cave remnants, but also plenty of life, including coral and many kinds of fish.


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