Posted by: Michelle | June 13, 2010

A City in South Africa

The recent World Cup excitement inspired the next stop on my journey – South Africa! My cousin studied abroad in South Africa last year and raved about it when she came home. After she made an incredible South African dinner for the whole family, I knew that I wanted to experience South African food, and culture, for myself someday.

I haven’t written much about cities in these travel bucket list entries so far, but I definitely want to visit Cape Town. It looks more like a resort beach town than the second-most populous city in South Africa.

Photos of Cape Town remind me of what I loved so much about Sydney – a bustling city surrounded by gorgeous beaches and majestic mountains. Downtown Cape Town is small enough to be explored on foot, but big enough to include a mix of trendy restaurants, sidewalk cafes, markets and shops. Greenmarket Square (below), set on a cobbled block of the city, is one of Cape Town’s oldest markets. Popular with locals and tourists, you can find everything from clothing to crafts to artifacts, for great value.

Cape Town seems like an ideal city even without the natural beauty surrounding it, but the beaches put it over the top. The South Atlantic Beaches seem like the nicest ones – prettiest and least touristy, and Noordhoek Beach specifically is known for its sunsets. No offense to NYC, but I’ll take this view over the Hudson River any day.



  1. South Africa is on my list of countries that I really want to see too. I know it is known for its crime, but it has a lot of beauty there too.

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