Posted by: Michelle | October 7, 2010

The Prettiest Cities

The Huffington Post just did a story on the 43 Prettiest Cities in the World. I was actually surprised at how many I’ve already visited (or lived in!) – Florence, Sydney, Venice, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Quebec, Rome and Washington D.C. – but there are still 34 more urban oases waiting for me.

One that caught my attention was La Habana (Havana in English). Considering how hard it is for Americans to get to Cuba right now, a trip to Havana might have to wait till later in my journey, but I hope to make it there eventually!

All it took was this one photo from the Huffington Post’s slideshow to convince me to go to Havana, with the Spanish colonial buildings gleaming against the sapphire harbor.

While a gorgeous waterfront would usually be the main attraction for me, what really draws me to Havana is its old-world charm. The city looks like a snapshot of the past, with its vintage cars and baroque architecture.

Between researching Havana and looking for photos, I came across a couple interesting fun facts:

In 1927 the first ever international flight on a US airline went from Key West, Florida to Havana. Ironically, you can now fly from the US to pretty much any country in the world, except Cuba.

Also, Havana has a Chinatown! It’s called Barrio Chino, and it was once the biggest Chinatown in all of Latin America. At least I know if I don’t like Cuban food I can always get some veggie lo mein!


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