Posted by: Michelle | October 18, 2010

Travel Photos

If an average picture speaks a thousand words, then the photos on my new favorite travel blog The Happy Explorer must be quite the talkers.

This post is dedicated to the incredible photos taken by The Happy Explorer’s Keith Jenkins.

"The Power of the Might Iguazu Falls: The sheer volume of water that drops off the cliffs of the Iguazu Falls every day is absolutely astounding!"

"The Gorgeous Colours of Portofino: Portofino is a colorful fishing village and jet-set playground on the Italian Riveriera"

"Sunset at the Masaai Mara: The sun sets as dark clouds roll in over the Masaai Mara in Kenya"

"The Ancient Walled City of Morella: A panoramic view of the ancient walled city of Morella in Spain"

I love reading about travel, but photos bring all those words to life. Needless to say, I’ll be adding the Iguazu Falls, Portofino, the Masaai Mara, and Morella to my journey in the next few weeks.


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